11 Days Best of Rwenzori Central Circuit with three Summits of Mt. Stanley, Mt Baker, and Mt. Speke.

11 Days | 10 Nights

Safari Overview

Embark on a thrilling 11-day expedition through the mesmerizing Rwenzori Central Circuit, a journey of a lifetime that promises breathtaking vistas and incredible challenges. This unforgettable adventure takes you through lush rainforests, sparkling rivers, and ancient glaciers. Ascend to the summits of not just one, but three majestic peaks: the legendary Mt. Stanley, the awe-inspiring Mt. Baker, and the formidable Mt. Speke. Experienced guides will lead you on a carefully crafted route, ensuring safety and maximum enjoyment. Witness the ever-changing landscapes, encounter unique wildlife, and immerse yourself in the rich local culture. This expedition caters to both seasoned mountaineers and adventurous souls seeking an extraordinary experience in the heart of Africa’s untamed beauty.

Day to Day itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive at Entebbe Airport Pick up and transfer to Mt. Rwenzori near Nyakalengija.

We hope your flight is scheduled for an early landing at Entebbe Airport, you will be received and welcomed to the Pearl of Africa by the assigned Professional English-speaking Private Trip Guide. Then you will hit the road to transfer to the Rwenzori Mountain. This drive is incredibly scenic passing through villages, lush green countryside, and hills that characterize this part of Uganda. The enchanting foothills of Nyakalengija, are nestled at the base of the majestic Mount Rwenzori. A mere 375 kilometers (approx. 233 miles) separate you from this captivating destination, where lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and exotic wildlife await your exploration.   You will arrive in the evening and do little but check into your accommodation for dinner and overnight.


Lodge/Hotel: Rwenzori Imperial Hotel Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 2 : Nyakalengija (1615m Asl.) – Nyabitaba Camp (2651m Asl.

The central circuit begins at the Rwenzori Mountaineering Administration’s workplaces at Nyakalengija. You will reach in the morning to permit sufficient time to lease hardware and meet your guides and doormen. The path starts by passing through farmland to the stop boundary past which it takes after thick timberland along the Mubuku Waterway, crossing its Mahoma Stream tributary sometime recently beginning a long, soak climb up onto a gigantic edge to reach Nyabitaba cabin. Amid this portion of the trip, you’ll listen to chimpanzees and see dark and white colobus, blue monkey, and the brilliantly colored Rwenzori turaco. The climb takes a normal of 6 -7 hours.


Lodge/Hotel: Nyabitaba Camp Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 3 : Nyabitaba– John Matte Camp (3505m Asl.

After breakfast head from Nyabitaba take after the path that drops down through the woodland to the Kurt Shafer Bridge, fair underneath the intersection of the Mubuku and Bujuku streams. Passing through the bamboo timberland, navigate through a long and depleting extend of elusive moss-covered shake. From the Nyamuleju shake shield, Mount Stanley and Mount Speke can be seen sometime recently passing into the monster heather, lobelia, and groundsel zone. At last reach John Matte Cottage after passing through the tiring lowland, for supper and overnight at the hut. The hike takes about 7 – 8 hours. While on this trek you might meet wildlife and various bird species such as the majestic Mountain Gorillas, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, graceful African Crowned Eagles, and vibrant Rwenzori Turacos among others.


Lodge/Hotel: John Matte Camp  Budget level
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 4 : John Matte – Bujuku Camp (3962m Asl.)

Have breakfast and then hike from John Matte Cottage where the path drops down to cross the Bujuku Stream and enters Lower Bigo Marsh, the domestic of monster lobelias. Hopping from tussock to tussock, the lowland is at long last crossed but seldom without the feet examining a few of the solidifying overflow underneath. The upper Bigo lowland gives way to Bujuku Lake, with sees of Mt Bread Cook to the South and Mt Stanley to the West. Bujuku Hovel, well found within the shadow of Mount Dough Puncher and Mount Speke, is set in a contract valley underneath Stullman’s Pass. This camp is sweet for acclimatization for clients endeavouring the summits of crests Mount Stanley and Mount Speke. While on this trek you might encounter enchanting wildlife like playful Golden Monkeys, elusive Rwenzori Batis, and graceful Three-horned Chameleons. Marvel at nature’s wonders amidst the pristine mountain landscape. Dinner and overnight at Bujuku cottage. The climb takes a normal of 4 – 5 hours.


Lodge/Hotel: Bujuku Camp Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 5 : Mt. Speake – BuJuku Camp.

Have breakfast eearly in the morning and thereafter begin the hike through Stullman’s Pass (4192m asl.) and marvelous sees of Virunga National stop of DR Congo to Victorio Emanuele peak. The climb to the crest takes 4 – 5 hours. Prepare to plummet back to Bujuku camp from Victorio Emanuele with sees of Bujuku Valley and Bujuku Lake, Margherita and Albert crests on Mount Stanley, and Mount Dough puncher for an overnight at Bujuku Camp. You might meet the elusive Rwenzori Leopard and the resplendent Scarlet-tufted Malachite Sunbird flits among alpine flowers. The slip takes a normal of 3 – 4 hours.


Lodge/Hotel:  Bujuku Camp   Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 6 : Elena Camp (4541m Asl.)

After breakfast leave Bujuku, the path takes you through more marsh, whereas climbing the soak inclines west of the lake and through the mysterious woodland of Groundsel Chasm. Turn to your right up to Elena Hovel and Mount Stanley on a soak path over huge boulders, whereas the path on your cleared-out leads to Scott-Elliot Pass and down to Kitandara Lakes the path on the cleared-out leads those who are not climbing Margherita Top to Kitandara Cottage. Those climbing the top will have their Dinner and overnight at the Coolly and Frosty Elena Hut. You might encounter the elusive Rwenzori Red Duiker gracefully navigating the rocky slopes, and the magnificent Lammergeier soaring high above. The trek takes about 5 – 6 hours.


Lodge/Hotel: Elena Camp  Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 7 : Elena Cottage – Margherita Crest (5109m Asl.) – Kitandara Camp (4430m Asl).

Have breakfast very early in the morning, then eendeavour to climb the most elevated top, Margherita of Mount Stanley. To reach the summit of Margherita, the climb takes around 4 -5 hours depending on the climate conditions and the pace of climbing this mountain. This intense walk takes you over three ice sheets, elusive shake, ice, and exceptionally uncovered zones which are open on numerous sides. At this point, you may use ropes for safety because the trek is a strenuous one. Climb onto the ice sheets, cross the Stanley Level, and continue with the rising. Acclimatized to mist, height affliction, the dazzling Rwenzori, cool climate, and Double-collared Sunbirds, scramble up to the summit of Margherita the most elevated top of the Rwenzori. The slip from Margherita’s top back to Elena Hovel will take you around 2 – 3 hours. After your lunch at Elena’s cottage, plummet to the Scott-Elliot pass (4372m asl.), where there are fabulous sights of Bujuku Lake and Mount Speke. After, the path passes you through an elevated zone of inadequate vegetation and unpleasant boulders, plummet past the Kitanda lake for dinner and overnight. The descent takes an average of 3–4 hours.


Lodge/Hotel: Kitandara Camp Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 8 : Mt. Baker (4843M Asl.) – Kitandara Camp

The climb begins early morning after breakfast from Kitandara Camp through New Field pass (4215m asl.) with a view of DR Congo up to Edward Peak. The rise to the top takes around 5 – 6 hours. From Edward’s top slip back to New Field pass and after that back to Kitandara camp for an Overnight. The slip takes about 3 – 4 hours.


Lodge/Hotel: Kitandara Camp Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 9  : Fellow Yeoman (3261m Asl.) From Kitandara.

Have breakfast, then take on the path that rises steeply up the headwall, spreading out from the base of Mount Dough puncher and proceeding along the south side of the mountain to New Field Pass 4282m asl. At this point, you’ll be able to view the Congo to the west and Mount Stanley to the north. From the pass, take on the long tall snow-capped overgrown. From that point begin the plummet through soak rough trails and the shake shield at Bujongolo, the base camp for the noteworthy undertaking by the Duke of Abruzzi in 1906, and after that an overnight at Guy yeoman camp. The climb takes about 6 – 7 hours.


Lodge/Hotel:  Guy Yeoman Camp Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 10 : Guy Yeoman – Nyabitaba – Nyakalegija (1615m Asl.)

Below Fellow Yeoman, the course plummets the cliffs of Kichuchu. Past Kichuchu the sloppy way crosses the Mubuku Stream twice through a bamboo woodland some time recently climbing downwards to Nyabitaba to total the circuit. Continue plummeting Nyabitaba Camp by the evening at Nyakalengija, the base camp. The plunge takes 7 – 8 hour.


Lodge/Hotel: Rwenzori Imperial Hotel Budget level.
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 11 : Transfer from Nyakalengija base camp to Entebbe Airport to catch your flight back home.  Drive time: Approx.  8-9 hrs.

Have breakfast and Embark on an exhilarating descent from Nyakalengija, savoring the triumphant echoes of Rwenzori’s peaks. Traverse vibrant valleys, lush rainforests, and glistening rivers, as nature’s symphony serenades your return. Indulge in the panoramic views, a tapestry of enchantment. Then, surrender to the allure of Entebbe Airport, where your journey reaches its crescendo. Bid adieu to Uganda’s captivating allure, carrying cherished memories of Rwenzori’s majesty. Homeward-bound, a heart full of awe and gratitude, forever transformed by this unforgettable odyssey. Taking with you unforgettable memories of your adventure in Uganda and a longing to return to this enchanting wilderness in the future. We hope to see you (or any referral) when next you visit, and thanks for choosing Private Trip Uganda!


Lodge/Hotel: Excluded (Only provided on Demand).
Meal plan: Half Board (HB)

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