17-Day Exploring Uganda Including Mount Rwenzori and Bwindi Impenetrable NP

17 Days | 16 Nights

Safari Overview

Embark on an awe-inspiring 17-day journey through the untamed beauty of Uganda, Conquer the legendary Mount Rwenzori, known as the “Mountains of the Moon,” with its majestic glaciers and lush valleys. Then, venture into the mystical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP, a sanctuary for endangered mountain gorillas, witnessing intimate wildlife encounters that will touch your soul. From lush landscapes to diverse wildlife, Uganda’s charms will leave you breathless and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Day to Day itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive at Entebbe International Airport, pick up and transfer to your booked accommodation in Kampala.

Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, you will be received and welcomed to the Pearl of Africa by the assigned Professional English-speaking Private Trip Guide. Thereafter you will transfer to the booked accommodation in Kampala. Optional: (extra cost) Just in case you have had an early landing and you’re interested, you may choose to go for an exhilarating Kampala city tour, a mesmerizing journey through Uganda’s cultural tapestry. The places to visit include Owino Market a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and flavors. the Uganda Museum with its history, and the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO gem showcasing Buganda heritage, the iconic Gaddafi Mosque’s grandeur, the Buganda Royal Mile reliving regal traditions, the Uganda Martyrs Shrine, a testament to faith and sacrifice and the Ndere Cultural Centre, where rhythmic dances and captivating performances celebrate the nation’s diversity among others. Unveil the soul of Kampala in this unforgettable odyssey.

Lodge/Hotel: Nyumbani Hotel
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 2 : Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park, en route to Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino tracking.

Have breakfast and transfer to Murchison Falls NP, a journey filled with thrills and marvels! You will via Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary for a one-hour Rhino tracking and witnessing these gentle giants up close in their natural habitat. Have another stopover for lunch in Masindi. The major highlights of Murchison Falls NP are its awe-inspiring sight of roaring rapids and the endless beauty of rolling plains in Murchison Falls NP. You will feel the adrenaline rush as you explore the untamed wilderness, spot iconic wildlife, and bask in the breathtaking landscapes of this enchanting destination. This is a transfer like no other, promising unforgettable moments at every turn!

Lodge/Hotel: Hornbill Bush Lodge
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 3 : Murchison morning game drive and afternoon boat trip to the base of the Falls.

After an early breakfast head for a thrilling game drive, catching sight of majestic lions, graceful giraffes, imposing African elephants, herds of buffaloes, giraffes, and elusive leopards (though hard to spot) among others that find sanctuary in this pristine wilderness. Return to accommodation for lunch and some rest time.

Later in the afternoon, go for an exhilarating boat cruise along the iconic Nile River, leading you to the base of the awe-inspiring Murchison Falls where the Nile River forces its way through a narrow gorge, creating the awe-inspiring Murchison Falls. As you glide through the serene waters, keep an eye out for crocodiles, elephants, hippos, and various water birds. Get up close to the thunderous falls, feeling the raw power of nature and capturing unforgettable moments of this breathtaking spectacle. Optional (at an extra cost) If you like, hike to the top of the falls, The hike may be a strenuous one but the thrill of reaching the thrill of reaching the top is unforgettable. This adventure is a must-do when exploring Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park, promising a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Lodge/Hotel: Hornbill Bush Lodge
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 4 : Drive to the top of the falls and depart Murchison National Park for Kibale Forest National Park.

Be up early and drive to the top of the falls to have a closer view of the falls and enjoy your breakfast at the top of the falls an experience that will leave you fascinated and thereafter transfer to Kibale Forest National Park. This drive is incredibly scenic passing through villages, lush green countryside, and hills dotted with tea plantations which characterize this part of Uganda. The major highlight of Kibale National Park is its primates like the chimpanzees, the colobus monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, and red-tailed monkeys. While trekking chimpanzees, these are regularly seen swinging on the forest trees and others feeding on the forest fruits. You will arrive in Kibale in the evening and do little but check into accommodation for dinner and relax to prepare for the next day.

Lodge/Hotel: Chimpanzee Forest Lodge
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 5 : Kibale morning Chimpanzee trekking experience.

Have an early breakfast and head to the ranger’s post for a short briefing on the dos and don’ts during chimp trekking. Embark on a captivating chimpanzee trek, led by expert guides who’ll help you spot these charismatic creatures and after spotting the chimps you will be allowed one hour in the presence of these human close relatives learning their way of life, playing, and way of feeding. Also expect to see the cheeky red colobus monkeys and the l’Hoest’s monkey, among others adding to the primate spectacle. Return to the lodge for lunch and have a relaxing evening at the lodge.

Lodge/Hotel: Chimpanzee Forest Lodge
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 6 : Morning Bigodi Swamp excursion later transfer to the foothills of Mount Rwenzori (Mountain of the moon).

After breakfast, Embark on a captivating morning adventure in Bigodi Swamp found in Magombe Swamp, where nature’s secrets come alive! You will witness a realm of vibrant flora and fauna and various bird species like the Great Blue Turaco, playful primates such as Baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, and elusive mammals in their natural habitat, painting an unforgettable tableau of biodiversity. After this enchanting escapade. Return to the lodge for lunch and later transfer to the majestic foothills of Mount Rwenzori in Kasese. Marvel at the grandeur and its highest mountain range, where misty peaks and lush valleys beckon the adventurous spirit.

Lodge/Hotel: Rwenzori Imperial Hotel
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 7 : Sino Camp (2,596 meters) ascending to Kalalama Camp (3,147 meters).

Have an early breakfast and then head to the starting point of the Mountain trek. The ranger guide will give you a short briefing about the trek. Thereafter trek begins at Sino Camp, where you’ll be surrounded by lush montane forests. While on your trek you might meet wildlife such as Red duikers, Rwenzori colobus monkeys, and various bird species like African green broadbills, Ruwenzori batis, and Rwenzori turacos. The trail takes you through moss-covered trees and beautiful scenery, gradually ascending to Kalalama Camp. You will be served, Dinner and spend an overnight beside the campfire.

Lodge/Hotel: Kalalama Camp
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 8 : Kalalama Camp(3,147 meters) ascending to Mutinda Camp (3,688 meters).

Have breakfast and then proceed with the trek from Kalalama to Mutinda Camp. This day’s trek offers breathtaking views of deep valleys and waterfalls. While on this trek you might meet wildlife such as Blue monkeys, Rwenzori hyraxes, and a variety of birdlife, including handsome francolins, cinnamon-chested bee-eaters, and long-eared owls. The trail takes you through bamboo forests and open moorland before reaching Mutinda Camp.

Lodge/Hotel: Mutinda Camp
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 9 : Mutinda Camp (3,688 meters) ascending to Bugata Camp (4,062 meters).

After enjoying your breakfast, Today’s trek will take you above the treeline, offering expansive panoramas of the Rwenzori peaks of Mt Stanley, Mt Speke, and Mt Baker. And you will have the view of Weisemann’s peak of Mount Luigi of Savoy which is often covered by snow. While you are on this trek you might meet wildlife such as Alpine choughs, mountain buzzards, and Rwenzori double-collared sunbirds. The trail passes through rocky ridges and high-altitude terrain as you make your way to Bugata Camp.

Lodge/Hotel: Bugata Camp
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 10 : Bugata Camp (4,062 meters) descending to Hunwick's Camp (3,974 meters)

Have breakfast and continue the trek, as this day’s trek offers more stunning views of the Rwenzori peaks and glaciers. This section is steep on solid rock and can be difficult when snowing (iced up) and it may be necessary to use ropes while descending for safety. While you are on this trek you might meet wildlife such as Rock hyraxes, Malachite sunbirds, and bearded vultures soaring high above. The trail descends to the valley floor, passing through Lake Kopello and eventually leading to Hunwick’s Camp.

Lodge/Hotel: Hunwick's Camp
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 11 : Hunwick's Camp (3,974 meters) descending to Kiharo Camp (3,480 meters)

Have breakfast and continue to descend from Hunwick’s Camp to Kiaharo Camp. Where this day’s trek takes you through the Nyamwamba Valley, where you’ll encounter lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. While you are on this trek you might meet wildlife such as Rwenzori red duikers, black-and-white colobus monkeys, and various forest-dwelling birds like Rwenzori hill babblers and white-starred forest robins. The trail follows the Nyamwamba River as you descend to Kiharo Camp, where you can celebrate the completion of your incredible journey.

Lodge/Hotel: Kiharo Camp
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 12 : Trekking down Rwenzori (Kiharo Camp) and proceed to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Have breakfast and embark on an exhilarating journey trekking down the majestic Rwenzori mountains from Kiharo Camp. Descend through lush emerald forests, guided by the enchanting melodies of exotic birdlife. Feel the thrill of conquering the snow-capped peaks as you descend. Then, proceed the journey to venture into the captivating realm of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Park features diverse ecosystems called home to various wildlife species including primates like chimpanzees, graceful elephants, and majestic lions, among others, and more than 600 bird species. You will arrive and just check in to spend the rest of the day relaxing due to very strenuous days trekking the Rwenzori Mountain.

Lodge/Hotel: Irungu Safari Lodge
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 13 : Queen morning game drive and an afternoon boat trip along kazinga channel.

After an early breakfast head for a morning game drive along the Kasenyi plains and be on the look for wildlife such as; cape buffalos, waterbucks, elephants, lions, leopards (though hard to spot), and bushbucks, among others which will leave you amazed. Return to your accommodation for lunch and some rest time.

Later in the afternoon, take 2 hours on a scenic boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel which connects Lake George and Lake Albert, expect to catch sight of wildlife like hippos in a big concentration, elephants, crocodiles, and various water birds such as the African fish eagle, the African skimmer, and the yellow-billed stork among others and this experience will fascinate you.  Return to the lodge for a relaxing evening.

Lodge/Hotel: Irungu Safari Lodge
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 14 : Depart Queen en route Ishasha sector for tree climbing lions and transfer to Bwindi National Park.

After an early breakfast checkout proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable NP Park, The major highlight of this park is its endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat and a variety of bird species. Bwindi harbors over 400 mountain gorillas which is roughly more than half of the total number of total the world’s gorilla population. En route Ishasha sector which is famously known for its resident tree-climbing lions. Spotting these unique creatures as they laze on the branches of fig trees will paint lasting memories. (though sometimes they are hard to spot) You will also be able to spot other wildlife such as Uganda kobs, cape buffalos, elephants, and warthogs in addition to tree-climbing lions, and then proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable NP arriving in the late afternoon just check in for dinner and overnight.

Lodge/Hotel: Broadbill Forest Camp
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 15 : Bwindi Gorilla trekking Experience and afternoon optional community visit/encounter.

Have breakfast and move to the rangers’ post. You will receive some briefing (from a ranger guide) on the dos and don’ts during trekking. Thereafter, you will enter the gorilla sanctuary for your adventure. The beauty of this rainforest is spectacular! The area offers a dramatic steeply forested landscape and is incredibly dense but crisscrossed by numerous animal trails allowing access to tourists. The time taken and the terrain vary with the movements of these great primates. Once you have located a gorilla group, you will be allowed an hour in their presence. The thrill of spending time observing these gentle but endangered giants is unforgettable. Return to the accommodation for some rest time and lunch. Depending on your interest and time permitting, you may proceed for the Optional:(extra cost) community encounter (Pygimies), and embrace the warm hospitality of these remarkable people as they share their ancient customs, dance, and music. Else, just relax at the lodge after a strenuous early part of the day.

Lodge/Hotel: Broadbill Forest Camp
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 16 : Transfer from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to Lake Mburo National Park for an evening game drive.

After an early breakfast transfer from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to Lake Mburo National Park for an evening game drive. Witness elands, buffalos, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, leopard (though hard to spot), hyena, topi and reedbuck, while zebras mesmerize with their dazzling stripes against the setting sun. encounter graceful giraffes towering above the savannah, as the antelopes dart through the grasslands. This enthralling journey promises heart-pounding encounters and unparalleled beauty, etching memories that will linger forever.

Lodge/Hotel: Mburo Eagles Nest
Meal plan: Full Board (FB)
Day 17 : Lake Mburo morning game drive and afternoon transfer to Entebbe Airport to catch your flight back home.

Lake Mburo is a wildlife haven in Uganda. Enjoy a game drive and expect to witness graceful zebras and impalas galloping freely, majestic elands grazing serenely, cape buffalos, and Topis among others roaming the savannah. Capture unforgettable moments as the sun sets, painting the horizon in mesmerizing hues. Optional:(at an extra cost) You may choose to go for a thrilling horseback safari, immersing yourself in the unspoiled beauty of the savannah. Pure safari magic!

Later after the game drive hit the road with enroute lunch in Masaka and head to Entebbe from Lake Mburo via the Uganda equator line for some photographs and to buy some arts and crafts depending on your wish, arriving in the late afternoon/evening for departure. Taking with your unforgettable memories of your wildlife adventure and enriching experience of the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda and a longing to return to this enchanting wilderness in the future. We hope to see you (or any referral) when next you visit, and thanks for choosing Private Trip Uganda!

Lodge/Hotel: Exluded only Provided on Demand at an Extra cost.
Meal plan: Half Board (HB)

Safari Pricing

1 Pax 2 Pax 3 Pax 4 Pax 5 Pax 6 Pax
USD 7,645 USD 5,514 USD 4,955 USD 4,569 USD 4,398 USD 4,305

Tour Inclusions

All meals and accommodations as per the itinerary.
Applicable Park entry fees USD/activity fees.
All ground transportation in a comfortable safari vehicle.
Services of a full-time English-speaking guide/driver.
Kibale Chimp Trekking permits (USD 200 ) per person
Bottled water while on a safari.
Gorilla trekking permits (USD 700) per person
All airport/hotel pick-ups and drop off.
All activities as stipulated in the itinerary. (Except those stated as optional)
Rhino Tracking (USD 50 per person)

Tour Exclusions

Activities not mentioned in the itinerary.
Phone calls and bar bills.
Personal/travel insurance.
Driver guides gratuity.
Entry Visa to Uganda (Apply Here)
All activities stated as “OPTIONAL”
All kinds of drinks except water.
All other Services of a personal nature.

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